New Series: 12-Month Accomplishments

Wow, it has been a long time since we've posted to our blog! It has been neglected, and we hope to revive it. With all the different avenues for getting information to our supporters and former clients, it's hard to know the most effective way to reach folks. Let us start this revival by sharing our 12-month accomplishment list. Of course, when you partner with us by donated items or funds, you are working beside us. So we really mean, let's look at YOUR accomplishments!

We've come a long way since we went to Tutwiler once per month to teach a childbirth class. We implemented services fully by mid 2018 -- weekly groups/classes, weekly meals, one-to-one pregnancy support, and a lactation program. Our board voted to be acquired by Ostara Initiative, our new, non-profit home, in order to share administrative expenses and expertise and provide thought leadership to other facilities and birth workers looking to do similar work. We were officially acquired on July 1, 2019, and we dissolved our Alabama nonprofit in August.

Now we look to the future, and as we enter 'the most Giving Time of the year," November and December, we are laser focused on becoming sustainable and diversifying our revenue streams. But even with that focus, we can't help but see and hear our clients telling us what they need and what their families need while caring for their children. So we will also be adding a NEW service in 2020 -- a newborn and maternity supply closet in Auburn where we can collect donations of specific items to be provided to clients returning to society and reuniting with their babies, families taking care of their new babies, and clients in work release programs that need clothing and makeup to start work and save for their and their children's futures. We'll provide more news on this in future posts.

For now, take a look one of our accomplishments in the fiscal year that ended in June, and stay tuned for more posts!

We served 975 plates full of folate, iron, calcium, protein, and Omega 3's, nutrients required for health fetal development. Our food partners bought and prepared the food, and we filled in the cracks. We serve the meals each week, family-style, as servants of our clients. The definition of doula is a female servant. We take our servant duties seriously, especially since we know we are serving MotherBabies - two parts of a whole. Maternal nutrition cannot be separated from fetal growth and development, and improving access to nutrients lowers risk of low birth weight - the leading factor in infant mortality risk.

The meals would not have been possible without our partners, and we thank them: Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Auburn, Society Hill United Methodist Church in Tuskegee, Liberty United Methodist Church in Notasulga, First Baptist Church of Reeltown, Sarah and Greg Teal, and International Women for Peace and Understanding.

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