My "Why": You Help Mother And Child Without Excluding Either One

One of our financial supporters sent us a letter when we asked why she gave to APBP. She has given us permission to publish it.

Dear APBP,

The reasons why I chose to partner with y'all are many, but I'll try to sum up my two main reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to make some form of charity donation in honor of my mother, who passed away last year. Among her many other qualities, she had a passion for helping others, especially pregnant women in difficult circumstances. I wanted to honor that passion with my choice.

Secondly, in a society that often pressures women to just abort their baby if having it would in any way inconvenience them, I am especially grateful to find an organization that seeks to help both mother and child, rather than only helping one to the exclusion of the other. Making right choices is often quite difficult, and often the women who end up in jail are there because they have never been taught that the easiest decision is not always the right decision. I love that in addition to caring for the immediate physical/physiological needs of these mothers, y'all seek to teach these ladies how to make better decisions in their life overall, which has a huge effect not only on their own lives, but in the lives of their children as well.



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