The beauty of partnering

APBP is honored to announce that, because of your partnership with us, we are increasing the number of our Birthing Care visits to Tutwiler! This means more nutrition for more babies and mothers, more support, and more education about healthy pregnancy!

When we told the women at the Birthing Care Group that we would be coming twice as often, the room lit up in smiles.

In addition to you, our donors, we wanted to celebrate another partnership that was born this past week.

Liberty United Methodist Church Missions Group, in Notasulga, has committed funds and labor to purchase and prepare a healthy meal for these mothers and babies each time we go. This makes our fundraising dollars stretch even further and has allowed us to expand our services! We began this partnership this week, and the summer salad we brought to the Birthing Care Group brought laughter and tears to one mother's eyes as she asked for seconds.

Maybe it is the way we love on people in the South with food -- if you could be there,

you would feel it too: there is nothing like feeding these mother/baby souls and watching them sit a little taller, laugh, and shed the stressors, for a short time, of life in prison. To commune around the table with nourishing food nourishes our souls. We are so lucky to be able to do this work. Thank you, Liberty UMC!

We can't end the post without mentioning one of the most powerful partnerships of all: that with the Labor & Delivery nurses at the hospital where these mothers give birth. As we were sharing birth stories in group this week, one mother, who was a month postpartum, sat silently. We never push, and I assumed she was too distraught to tell us her story and to talk about how she was feeling having been one month on the "other side."

Suddenly she started talking. And she did not stop. She talked about how difficult it was to not cry all the time, even when she was laughing in group. She talked about how painful her c-section recovery had been, and about how she had been in prodromal labor for 10 days. In the first few days postpartum, her nurse came in to be sure she was keeping her lungs healthy and asked her to cough. The pain of that exercise created an anguish in this mother, and she told her nurse, "Leave me alone. Don't worry about my health. Worry about my baby's health. That's all that matters."

The nurse looked at her in the eyes and said with tears, "No. You matter. Your health matters. You are my patient, and I love you. No matter what you have done. I love you."

The mother in our group telling this story stopped. Everyone in group was quiet. Then she said, "I ain't never had no one cry over me or care about me, and I did not expect that from the nurse taking care of me."

So you see, partnering is a loving and powerful thing. When you partner with us, you are loving and nourishing these mothers and babies. And trust us, they feel it.

They feel it. And they thrive from it.

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