Dear Alabama Prison Birth Project,

We received the following letter from a young mother who attends our monthly "Birthing Care Group" inside Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women in Alabama. She gave us permission to share it publicly, though we decided to keep her identity private. This mama tells us she just made parole and will be home with her 7-month-old daughter within the next 3 weeks. We only saw her once per month.

Imagine the benefits her daughter and she would have had if we'd seen her once per week, if we'd shown her how she could express milk for her baby, if she'd been able to send her milk to her baby in North Alabama, if she could come home and nurse her baby, and if she'd had someone holding her hand while giving birth.

I know we are asking for your financial support a lot, and there are a whole bunch of principles of fundraising where you want to avoid "donor fatigue" and more. But we aren't professional fundraisers. We don't have a background in non-profit corporations.

We just have a desire to GET IN THERE and do this work. Before ONE MORE baby is born to a mother who feels alone and unsupported. Before ONE MORE mother is forced to dry up her milk supply in prison. Before ONE MORE mother is released from prison feeling broken and facing a large mountain ahead of her to get employed, get housing, and get home to her baby.

We are grant-seeking to be able to go to Tutwiler twice per month instead of once. If there is one donor out there who believes in our mission, we can go once per week! Is that donor you?

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