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Our Partners

We are honored to receive a generous operating grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation to work to expand our reach throughout the South and the rest of the country. The Foundation has funded our thought leadership and production of our Vision Class with Ostara, helping us to spread innovative ideas into new spaces in the criminal legal system.

The Children's Trust Fund of Alabama

We are honored to receive a generous grant from the Children's Trust Fund, a vital part of protecting Alabama children by supporting evidence-based, community programming to strengthen families and reduce risks of child abuse and neglect.  Trauma-informed care is a big part of working with families who are at risk, and every service we provide is at the heart of reducing the experience of maternal and parental trauma - a major risk factor of child maltreatment. The Fund is administered through the Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention.

Dedicated to improving the economic stability and growth of Alabama women, The Women's Foundation of Alabama recently funded our work to help the families caring for our clients' newborns. Focusing on the 8 dimensions of wellness, we will provide support to our clients and those caring for their children. Through this partnership, we can focus on strengthening families economically so there are better support systems in place when our clients return to their communities.

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama awarded Alabama Prison Birth Project a grant from its Health Priority Area. The Daniel Foundation's mission is to strengthen communities within Alabama and improve the quality of life for citizens from all regions of Alabama. Its Health Grant provides support to programs providing mental health services for the underserved, and we are proud and honored to be aligned with that goal on behalf of incarcerated, pregnant people in Alabama.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

When we asked, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church answered. After increasing the number of our visits to Tutwiler, we needed an additional meal each month.  Holy Trinity immediately volunteered. By providing this food, Holy Trinity is nourishing the developing babies and moms in an environment where they are subjected to a significant level of stress. Moms who are postpartum need a great deal of iron-boosting foods. There's no better way to show love and kindness than to feed someone who needs it. We are so grateful to Holy Trinity for stepping up. Since the first year Holy Trinity began preparing food, it has since gone on to support our clients in other ways: through baby supplies, financial support for our organization, and in re-entry needs. 

The Caring Foundation of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

The Caring Foundation of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama awarded Alabama Prison Birth Project a grant in 2019 and 2020. The Caring Foundation's mission is to give back to the community by supporting initiatives to improve the health, wellness, and education of Alabamians. We are proud and honored to be aligned with that goal on behalf of incarcerated, pregnant people in Alabama.

The Central Alabama Community Foundation provided funding to cover the cost of 54 one:one doula support visits to our clients in Tutwiler Prison. This supports the relationship building between client and doula that is unique to this important intervention. Doulas meet with their clients in the prenatal and postpartum period, and most importantly, at the hospital during labor and delivery and during separation from the newborn. CACF helps us live out our tag line: "No one births alone". 

We received a generous financial gift from the Poarch Band of Creek Indians which strives to be a benevolent leader in the world of philanthropy. Given its long-standing tradition of sharing with those in need, the Tribe contributes to many charitable organizations in the community, helping to fund the arts as well as activities such as youth sports, senior care and emergency support services. The Tribe has provided an unrestricted donation toward our work to mitigate the harms of pregnancy and incarceration.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama has provided financial support toward our nutrition program. Funding from this gift offsets the cost of buying, preparing, and serving a nutritious meal to our pregnant and lactating participants. We know the cornerstone to a pregnancy with low complications and future low-risk pregnancies is good nutrition, and our work seeks to fill the gaps that prison food lines create for women that are pregnant.

Society Hill Methodist Church

We are so pleased Society Hill UMC wanted to provide food for the growing babies and mothers inside Tutwiler Prison for Women. The entire congregation pitches in to provide healthy fats, protein, and vitamin-rich food one Tuesday each month. We are privileged to take their culinary skills and generosity to the Birthing Care Group.

Alabama Prison Birth Project Blanket and Hat Volunteers

After one local mom in Auburn donated a hand-crocheted blanket and hat and posted about it on social media, we were overwhelmed with questions about how other hand crafters could help. This facebook group was born.  Knitters and crocheters post from everywhere the creations they are working on and shipping. A beautiful matching blanket and hat is one of the most beloved items our clients receive. Without the opportunity for a baby shower, this is one gift they can give their baby and one way we can shower the moms.  The blankets and hats have a powerful biological role in their experience, too. Our moms learn that placing the blanket on mom's chest gathers her smell, and the baby's hat gathers up the ooey-gooey newborn smell.  When they separate, mom is allowed to keep the hat, and the blanket goes with the baby. It's a beautiful way for volunteers to engage with our work.

Our Collaborators

Alabama Department of Corrections

Montgomery, AL

Aid to Inmate Mothers

Montgomery, AL

University of Minnesota Department of Pediatrics

Minneapolis, MN

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